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I got this delcious paprika (bell pepper) served at a friends one evening instead of the meat they were having. I wasn´t too excited as peppers/paprika´s have never been my thing. But oh man, was I ever wrong! Not only was it pleasing for the eye, it was totally delicious and filling too.

I made my...

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Sometimes I make myself this nutritious and energy boosting drink in the morning.  And it is certainly very simple and easy to make.  Anyone can do it.

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I do my best to live according to my beliefs and values.  One of them is to take chances in my life, to go out on a limb and to try new things.  Not to get 'stuck' and afraid of letting go of the familiar.  Don’t get me wrong, security is very important to me, especially being...

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Recipe: Banana & coconut pancakes (gluten free)
Every now and then I love treating myself to some pancakes for brunch.  These are actually pretty healthy and nourishing and are absolutely fine to have once in a while-and enjoy to the fullest.  Oh and they are ever so comforting!  For a...

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Each year during the Miss World contest there is the so called Family charity dinner, where families of the contestants gather with them, The judges and other MW staff for a night out.  Contestants bring special gifts from their home country which then are auctioned for charity.  Hope these photos give...

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I´m in China at the moment, as a member of the jury for Miss World 2015.  I have been a judge for Miss World several times and each time I truly do enjoy it.  It´s always both exciting and interesting to meet the contestants from the different cultures and...

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